Wealth Creation Mindset | Your Money Beliefs!

Wealth Creation Mindset | Your Money Beliefs.

Do you live from pay to pay?

Do you struggle to pay your bills?

 Do you want financial freedom?

When I was a young child I remember my parents always argueing over money or the lack of it. The budget was tight. Money was hard to get. They worked hard to get money. There was always just enough. Lack of money caused confrontation.

All of these limited money beliefs came from that one reoccuring event that I experienced over and over and it was how I saw my reality. When you get to adulthood you can choose to be responsible for your own wealth creation. If you discover you have limiting money beliefs then you can choose to change them.

I discovered what was holding me back from creating a successful business and all the wealth that I desired, right now. I chose to learn, grow and become more aware of my limiting money beliefs to ensure they were supporting and serving my vision of living life on my terms and so much more.

If you reveal how you think about money and wealth creation then you will know if this is serving or supporting your vision, your business success and your dreams and because you discover your limiting money beliefs then you can smash the barriers between living week to week, struggling to pay the bills or just getting by to head towards greater wealth creation, now.

The only thing stopping you from wealth creation now is the decisions and choices you make everyday. Your decisions and choices create your reality. Be conscious of the decisions that you make on a consistant basis. Your thoughts, decisions and beliefs around money are crucial to creating even more wealth and boosting your success, now.

If you defuse and let go of your limiting money beliefs and learn new successful business strategies to boost your business success and develop your wealth creation mindset by adopting new thinking it means you can create even more wealth and live life on your terms.

NEVER underestimate the power of your money beliefs nor the importance of your wealth creation mindset!

If you know how you filtered the information into your mind that gave you these limiting money beliefs then what you saw, what you heard, how you felt and the meaning you placed on that event will be revealed. By changing the meaning unconsciously you can create a new set of limitless money beliefs that will support your business success and your wealth creation, now.

Are you willing to bust your limited money beliefs and create serious wealth now?


Shirley Kerkow






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About admin

Inspiring men and women to believe in themselves and their parenting ability right now. Shirley shares her unique and practical approach to help people awaken their inner hero and discover the real power within them to connect & communicate calmly with their teenagers. Using inspirational success coaching skills and techniques to boost clients parenting success and build better relationships now.
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23 Responses to Wealth Creation Mindset | Your Money Beliefs!

  1. Tonya says:

    Shirley another awesome post. We don’t realize the power of our minds. Most of us don’t us it to its potential!
    Tonya recently posted..Reading Labels Fiber part 2My Profile

  2. Great post Shirley! We must have an abundance mindset! Like Napoleon Hill says thoughts are things which means that our thoughts have the power to manifest in the physical. Whether it be riches, happiness, or whatever we desire! Thanks for Sharing!
    Tracey E Mitchell recently posted..Are You Serious About Your Business?My Profile

  3. Dorsey says:

    I really liked this Article Shirley, It is so true. I really believe we are really powerless of this subconcious thought until will realize what it is, that is holding our wealth back. And really recreate what we want our reality to be as far as wealth and money.
    Dorsey recently posted..Listbuilding: How to Get it StartedMy Profile

  4. Joseph Skoda says:

    Good Point Shirley. We should Never underestimate our Mindset (when properly trained)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Shirley,
    You are truely righth. The power of the mind is unmeasureable! It has powers to transform us and our business. Thanks for sharing!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Facebook Marketing StrategyMy Profile

  6. Luke Shavak says:

    Love it Shirley.

    This is something I find again and again – and something I really discovered at Harv. T. Eker’s millionaire mind intensive. These beliefs are so powerful, and control our actions more than we realise.

  7. Another Great Post Shirlee. Mindset is definitely on the top of the list. there are no easy road to wealth creation and when times are tough, you need the right mindset to keep moving forward.

  8. Angela Kelly says:


    Awesome article. I especially like, “If you reveal how you think about money and wealth creation then you will know if this is serving or supporting your vision.” This is such a powerful point focusing on your own beliefs and then vision! Thanks for sharing.
    Angela Kelly recently posted..Getting Emotional: 3 Feelings That Improve Work at Home ProductivityMy Profile

  9. Hi Shirley,

    Mindset is the most powerful thing we have and having the wrong type of mindset will keep a person where they are. I have known many people in my life where they blame everyone from their parents to the cat next door for the way their lives have turned out. They need to understand that they have a choice to do what they want in life. thanks for sharing once again.

    Tristram Lodge
    Tristram Lodge recently posted..Network Marketing Products – What Should You Invest Your Time With?My Profile

  10. Hi Shirley. Trading time for money has always been the absolute worst way to make money and yet 98% of people still only do just that, just making enough, just getting by, just enough to may the bills, just enough for this and just enough for that. Ok, Ok, that’s just enough of that. haha Great article and keep up the good work, Shirley.

  11. Someone’s Paying Attention! :) Great Post Shirley!
    Ted Burkholder recently posted..Ampegy Energy | Get The FactsMy Profile

  12. Great post Shirley,
    Your mindset is definitely key to success. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.


  13. BG Jenkins says:

    Much wisdom in this, Shirley!

  14. Hey Shirley, Great post! Limiting money belief is holding alot of people back. Some won’t look at an opportunity because of those beliefs. Thanks for sharing.
    Daria Jackson-Legagneur recently posted..Network Marketing| My Outcomes For the 100 Day ChallengeMy Profile

  15. David Sharp says:

    The first thing anyone should be taught about money and life in general is their attitude or mindset, we all have to clear away the debris in our minds and start thinking success! Loved the post Shirley.

    David Sharp recently posted..Super Mind Power The Secret Of All Successful PeopleMy Profile

  16. So true, thanks for sharing your insights.
    Alecia Stringer recently posted..Basic Rules to Branding and MarketingMy Profile

  17. Our parents and upbringing has a great subconscious effect on our ability to create wealth and almost anything we do in life. The best part is any negative can be resolved if you just understand that often our thought process is made from habit. If we know where it comes from, we have the power to change it. love the post.

  18. I first heard about limited money belief from Lisa Nichols about a year or more now. At first it didn’t make much sense, but the more I listened to what she said the more I could actually relate to this. T Harv Eker also covers this in Millionaire Mind.

    Thanks for bringing this back to the forefront of my mind Shirley.
    Michelle James recently posted..How To Become Successful!My Profile

  19. Sandy Moore says:

    You’ve made some extremely good points here Shirley about limiting your money beliefs which can limit your wealth creation success formula.

    Your posts always offer excellent value.
    Sandy Moore recently posted..Crucial Tips to Improve Your Alexa RankingMy Profile

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